I am on a never-ending journey to find new ways to innovate and add extra depth to my work. Explore my updated Art Portfolio to discover my influences and inspiration behind some of my proudest accomplishments.


​I have lived in St. Petersburg, Florida most of my life.  I took my first painting class at age 12 and knew I wanted to be an artist....

After high school I studied commercial art and got a job in an advertising agency...Eventually I began free lancing. Time went by and I started sewing and handpainting clothing while selling them in boutiques.

Life experience

After sewing clothing and hand-painting them, I started a tee shirt screen

printing company.  The company allowed me to travel the world, one of

my passions.

Another passion is learning and teaching yoga....Yoga has been a great part of

my life and on a trip to an ashram, I was asked to paint a Hindu deity.

That lead to the start of my deity paintings.

Professional info

In 1991 I was awarded "Small Business Person of the Year". I was able to speak at clubs and events encouraging others to do the thing you love to do.

Writing goals and creating vision boards has been a large part of my success.

Wherever your imagination takes you....I can design and paint your fantasy on a wall in your home or office, Childrens rooms are a specialty that I enjoy. Choose your favorite nursery rhyme or image and have it reproduced in your home.

Faux finishing has become very popular to help change or enhance the mood of your home or office.

Sports, beach scenes, sea life, wildlife and more can be brought into your home.


2010 - present
2010 - present